Grocery Hauls

Tuesday 5/16


I only spent $170 bucks this time around. I had already stuck my meat in the freezer before snapping this picture. I splurged and got two ribeyes and one flank steak 😍

I left my list at home so on the way to the store I frantically wrote the list in Keep so Grant and I could share it and tag team running around the store grabbing things. I also mistakenly bought another 5 dozen eggs when I still had two dozen in the fridge! Oops!


Wednesday 5/3


Don’t mind my pizza sauce spill….I’m just gross and didn’t wipe it up before the photo.

I cleaned out my fridge tonight after shopping and I was so upset with myself for wasting food! How terrible and wasteful that I go to the store and spent $200 on food and waste probably $30 worth each time. I have got to be better about it. I managed to find a couple zucchini that were still good so I made those with dinner. I am still trying to find my groove when it comes to keto and intermittent fasting. I don’t have to make lunch for myself because lunch consists of a big fatty coffee and sometimes a cheese so I always make more food than necessary for dinner. Grant does a pretty good job of eating left overs but more than 2 days of left overs for lunch and he’s tired of it, so I end up throwing things away 😦

This week my  meals are pretty simple. I haven’t been proud of my progress lately so I am going back to basics a bit. Tomorrow night we’re having flank steak and brussel sprouts! MY FAV! And the rest of the week will be pretty much just protein and veggies. I don’t think I will be making any keto desserts other than fat bombs because they can trigger cravings for me until I am back into ketosis. I did cave and buy some hot dogs because it’s getting warmer outside so it’s finally hot dog season! I’m also going to prep some eggplant re-fried beans for the freezer this Saturday.

All in all I spent $196 bucks, I had to really stock up in the bulk department with spices and nuts so my pantry is a lot more full than my fridge, luckily Winco is amazing so I got a lot of bang for my buck. My freezer is stocked with meats!


Saturday 4/15


I went to the store today with very little planning, which usually leads to me either under buying or over buying…..I think I over bought this time around. I hope my lack of planning doesn’t lead to wasted food. I feel so terrible if I have to throw stuff out before we get to it. I spent $220 today! I didn’t realize I would be buying so much meat. Winco had a ton of great deals in the meat department so I went a little crazy and I was out of a lot of things so this was a total restocking trip! I splurged on flank steak again!

This week I’m thinking about making: Chocolate Chia Seed Brownies, Fried Cabbage with Bacon, Pot Roast, Egg Roll in a Bowl, Flank Steak, Breakfast Casserole, Stuffed Buns, and Lettuce Wrapped Burgers.

Saturday 4/1


Here are the meals, I plan on around 8 meals every 2 weeks.
Keto Nuggets – Dinner/Lunch
Egg Roll Bowl – Dinner/Lunch
Burgers – Dinner
Carnitas – Dinner/LunchCabbage & Bacon – Dinner
Low Carb Tortillas Tacos – Dinner
Fat Head Pizza – Dinner/Lunch
Stuffed Buns – Dinner/Lunch
Lemon Bars – Dessert

Prep Ahead Freezer Meals:
Maria’s paleo refried “beans”
“Hashbrown” Casserole – I will post this recipe soon!

I go to Winco because where I live I can really get the most for my money at Winco. Plus, I really love the company, they are employee owned and they really care about their customers. So I drive to another town over so I can shop with Winco. Luckily they are opening a location in my current town in the next few months! I am so excited!

I spent $200 this trip….That is over my budget. I usually try to stick to $160-180 for 2 weeks but this time I splurged on a few items like flank steak! Yay!


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