I’m just working my way though life eating keto and trying to become a better human though understanding myself and keeping an open mind.

Hey there! I’m Amanda, I am 28 and I’ve been eating keto off and on for 3 years. Initially I lost 50 lbs through this amazing lifestyle but quickly fell of the wagon and gained back 30…..That was my first go-around. Then I continued the low carb roller coaster for a few years, always gaining and losing the same amount of weight. I still struggle with carbs and eating better but I always come back to how I feel when I eat low carb. There is nothing better than figuring out what makes your body work the best! Keto gives me mental clarity, focus and energy like no other way of eating. Keto also gives me options! Eating keto is rewarding in so many ways and this blog is a way for me to document my journey.

This picture is from me at my heavies! Right after college….I used this as my profile photo on Facebook and I thought I looked great….It’s pretty crazy!


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